Student Arts   
Visual Arts 
  • Students create art projects based on Greek art examples in a variety of mediums representing different periods of Greek culture and art.
  • Students research historic tie-ins and create museum like descriptions of their work.
  • Creative multi-genre project in English utilizes art to support language arts goals and objectives.
  • Social Studies students accompany their written work with visual displays/ products that reflect and express their learning. A product list, suggestions and guidance are provided.
  • Technology students complete one power point project aligned with curriculum goals for 7th grade.
  • Topics and research guides and websites are provided by the resident artist

Drama and Performance
  • Students stage dramatic performances based on Greek myths . 
  • Greek Literature recited by students performers.
  • Greek Folk Dances  presented by students.
  • Greek Folk Songs performed by student music ensemble.
  • Debates and Historic Reenactments by student groups.
  • Students stage a showcase for parents, school members, and invited guests. This day long celebration of student work includes research and writing projects, technology projects, art, dramatic readings and skits, debates, dance and historic reenactments. This showcase helps parents understand the work students are doing. Guests include 6th grade students to preview participation for the following year as well as other school members, friends, community members, and invited guests.