Classroom Connection 
  •        Academic teams consist of a Social Studies and an
    English teacher.
  •       The residency consists of 25 classroom sessions as well as music and dance workshops and concerts.
  •        Classroom teachers attend each session and develop lesson plans and extensions with the resident artist.
  •       Students individually research and present written and project-based material on several topics from Greek history, mythology, and culture and write in a variety of literary genres throughout the program.

  •       Greek Root Words  Language Arts curriculum and a variety of integrated learning activities are  included.
  •       Professional development covering goals and designs of the program, characteristics of successful residencies, cultural background of Ancient Greece, learning styles and integrated programming is provided.
  •       Curriculum binder with prep, follow up and support material and a professional development binder with resources on student engagement, the culture of Ancient  Greece and the arts as teaching tools are provided.
  •       Classroom resources include maps timelines, books, art  
          prints and research material. 
  •       Upon conclusion of the program, the students host a 
          Celebration of Ancient Greece for parents, other school 
          members, friends, community members, and invited guests
          at the school. The showcase will include student art work,
          music, dance, research and technology projects, and  
          dramatic performances.