Classroom Lessons
Residency lessons and classroom extensions
cover the following themes.


Historic Moments
8 programs
  • Minoans on Ancient Crete and Ancient Thera
  • Mycenaeans/The Adventures of Heinrich Schliemann
  • The Alphabet 
  • The Ionian Awakening and the Spirit of Rational Inquiry
  • The Battle of Marathon and the 1st Persian Conflict
  • The 2nd Persian Conflict and the  Golden Age of Athens
  • Athens vs. Sparta
  • Alexander the Great
  • Alexandria: World City and Legacy

    Language Arts
    12 Programs
  • Greek Myths and their Meaning 3 sessions
  • The Iliad 3 sessions  
  • The Odyssey 3 sessions
  • Drama from Oral Stories 3 sessions                        
Cultural Achievements
5 Programs

  • Democracy: Tyrants, Oligarchs and Democrats: Origins, Tensions, Rights and Responsibilities
  • Philosophy: Socrates, Plato and the Nature of Philosophical Questions
  • Drama:  Origin, Flowering, Cultural Context, and Poetry
  • Art and Architecture: Archaic, Classical and Hellenistic Works, Mediums and Contrasts