Integrated Arts 
Residency Programs
     Inspired Learning in K-12 education 
  • World Culture: An multidiscipline learning experience of  the art, music, stories and dance of five representative cultures of the world.

  • Storytelling for Students and Teachers: Hands on programs in the art, craft, and magic of storytelling.

  • American Stories and Songs: The culture and history of America through songs, stories and art




Nick Kachulis Artist in Residence
Massachusetts Cultural Council
Creative Teaching Partner  

  • African American History and Music: Four periods of African American history and culture through the legacy of songs and music. 

  • Famous Composers: Visiting composers from Beethoven to Jelly Roll Morton, share their life and their music.

  • American History/Early American Shape Note Singing: History comes alive as students learn this early American art form.

  • Integrating Arts and Technology into the Curriculum: Practical strategies for curriculum integration.