Program Design

  • Teachers and the resident artist develop lessons, preparatory material and lesson extensions for the program.Teachers present preparatory materials and lesson extensions for residency lessons and attend residency classes.The resident artist will act as storyteller and/or visiting scholar depending on the content of the lesson.
  • In a Language Arts lesson teachers prepare students with material on oral culture, interpreting myths, the cast of characters for the story and how to listen to oral stories. The resident artist stimulates, informs and inspires students through a storytelling lesson. Teachers follow the lesson with curriculum based extensions that include creative writing, classroom art projects, developing a script for dramatic  reenactment, constructed responses, and vocabulary development.
  • For an Historic moment or Cultural Achievement lesson teachers prepare studnents with historic backgraound material to create a meaningful context for students. the resident artist acts as a stroyteller to stimulate, inform and inspire students and/or as a visiting scholar, expand and deepening student knowledge and thinking. Teachers follow up with lesson extensions. For example, teachers provide students with background material on Socrates, Athens and the Agora before the resident artist lessons on philosophical questions. Residency classes challenge students with new thinking to explore philosophical questions and their implications. Lesson extensions might include interviewing, poster and visual displays, videos, enactments, debates, classroom discussion and reflective writing.