"He seemed to be able to move from one persona to another seamlessly."

October 21, 2003


Ruth Mackenzie

Leeds Elementary School

Leeds, MA 01062


To Whom It May Concern:


I highly recommend Mr. Nick Kachulis as an artist in residence.  For the month of June 2003, four fourth grade classes at Leeds Elementary School participated individually in a multidiscipline study of Ancient Greece.  Mr. Kachulis taught Greek history and mythology through storytelling, art, dance and music.  The program culminated in a daylong celebration of Ancient Greece featuring student artwork, research projects, dance, song and drama.

Mr. Kachulis’ dramatic and dynamic presentations captivated the interest of students with varying abilities and learning styles. The depth and quality of the research projects the students created for the Greek Festival demonstrated this. In addition to his formal presentations, Mr. Kachulis provided materials and resources for student research.  He also met with students individually and in small groups, posing questions and providing more in depth material when appropriate. His enthusiasm and easy rapport created a level of comfort and ease so students could access information for which they had no prior knowledge. All students showed mastery of the program’s objectives.  Many students demonstrated much deeper levels of interest and understanding.

Mr. Kachulis served as the coordinator for the entire program.  He developed a calendar for his presentations and consultations with students.  He met weekly with teachers, providing background information and lesson extensions.  He also worked with the music, art and physical education teachers to develop displays and performances to enhance student learning.  Throughout his four-week residency he demonstrated strong organizational skills, attending to every detail and communicating with all those involved including the principal, custodial staff and the foundation which funded our study.  In spite of the constraints in scheduling four individual classes for such a comprehensive endeavor, Mr. Kachulis maintained a flexible and creative spirit. The program grew and expanded in each individual class as he discovered new areas of interest and connections for the students and teachers.  Each class developed a presentation of knowledge which was truly its own.

Mr. Kachulis is a gifted, engaging storyteller and musician and teacher.  His multifaceted abilities kept students engaged and on the edge of their seats.  He seemed to be able to move from one persona to another seamlessly. We received an overwhelmingly positive response from our school community, parents and the grant foundation.  The program he created for our school was of the highest quality.




Ruth Griffin Mackenzie

Fourth Grade Teacher